Truth About Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited hosting is one of the latest mechanisms that is coming up as a trend. To float a website you need a registered domain name, hosting resource and website platform. Hosting resource is the most significant part of the business as that provides you the space to host the website. But if you have multiple websites, the situation arrives for multiple hosting resources and that can be costly. To avoid that one can use a single resource and add multiple domains into it. It gives the additional cost benefits to the customer. This is known as the unlimited hosting.

Unlimited Hosting

What Is It?

It is the process of hosting many domains in a single server. As it provides the scope and opportunity of hosting many domains it is known as the unlimited hosting. There are hosting services that do not provide the feature, so if you are looking for this particular feature then make sure you are offered. The cost of single hosting server is affordable. However, there are multiple aspects that decide the cost. Hosting coupon is one of the features that can substantially reduce the cost as it gives you offers and cost reduction. The services included in the hosting service are also one deciding factor.

Truth About the Unlimited Hosting

When we talk about the unlimited hosting we must acknowledge the benefits of it. The cost benefit is the most important part of the benefits, but it also includes other aspects. The effort needed to manage the multiple websites gets reduced by the considerable amount. You can handle the websites from the control panel if the hosting server. Questions like will the websites be unique and similar keep coming as the popularity of the service surges. Well, the websites are unique and has distinct emails as well. But is that all about unlimited hosting? Everyone talks about the shining features but seldom have some come out with the challenges.

Every service has dark sides too. Unlimited hosting is no different. If you put all eggs in one basket then if the basket breaks all eggs are gone. The unlimited hosting is pretty similar. If the server is down then all of the websites go offline. This is quite obvious that one of your websites will be the primary website and that may suffer due to the fact as well. Another important thing that comes with unlimited hosting is the SEO. If you want to crosslink your websites to improve the page ranking then you might reconsider your thought. Unlimited hosting does not allow cross linking of websites as these are based on same server.

The world is surging ahead and you need to pace up for the same. When you talk about internet market, there are many big investors already rolling it on. So, make a presence there is not an easy job. Being new to the industry you may have constraints and money is one among them. Unlimited Hosting gives the ideal opportunity to maximize the output with little resources available. So, if you are planning to make your investment count then you should focus on the cost effective solutions like unlimited hosting.

Which is better Bluehost Pro or Bluehost VPS

It has been said many times before and we say no different as well, go with the shared hosting option being a newbie. But, it is important that you get shifted towards a more professional option in right time. In fact people realise this through various way/issues like protection, growth in business, etc. Shifting towards VPS host can be beneficial in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and other technical matters.

Bluehost Coupon

Beneficial Bluehost Pro:

If you have realised about the need of a VPS hosting, then we recommend of going with the Bluehost Pro. However, never repeat the mistake of going with the cheap VPS hosting plans. They provide minimal specs that will be regretful in future. In comparison going with Bluehost Pro will be a lot cheaper if you consider the kind of features it offers.

Interesting specs offered with Bluehost Pro Premium Hosting:

Basically, the Bluehost Pro has two components; those are Pro Premium and Pro Shared host.

Going with the Bluehost Pro a user can enjoy extra processing benefits, faster speed, more disk space, and bandwidth. You will be having personalised IP, multiple spam controlling accounts, more enhanced site builder, and better privacy control.

Going with Bluehost Pro shared host feature, you can enjoy infinite storage option, free domain name, three distinct web mail solutions, infinite mail account forward facility, infinite add-on facility, infinite sub-domains, FTP access facility, enhanced control panel, SSH access, statistical report system, hotlink management, spam preventive system, tweak able error handling option and lot more.

Bluehost Pro best for dedicated server

However, without talking much in diplomatic manner we must say going with Bluehost Pro is always most recommended when someone plans for dedicated server or when his/her business grows. The biggest benefit is that you can ensure of your performance as much lesser users are involved here in this case, and in comparison the price is a lot less.


The pro plan is unbelievably less than $20 being a way cheaper than other VPS options. If you want shared hosting then you can use Blue Host hosting coupon codes to get it at $3.49 per month only. They are so confident to come with complete money back guarantee within a month. Great to see is that they never abide you with any deal; that means you can terminate anytime and get back for the rest of hosting time.



Beginning with Bluehost Pro

Starting with the Bluehost Pro is damn easy as well. Following the simple steps below you can enjoy the facility within no time.


1 Visit the and hit the start option.

2 Provide the domain name as it asks and proceed.

3 Next it asks for the account details, package detail, billing information. There are different package options like $19.99/month for 12 month, $17.99/month for 24 month, and $15.99/month for 36 months.


Apparently, Bluehost Pro comes with some unmatchable facilities and specs ensuring the more efficient performance of your site. Statistics say that the sites those take 2 second or more loading times suffer poor result. It is quite obvious in fact as there is no scarcity of options. To avoid such issues and stay at the advantageous side Bluehost Pro is a nice recommendation overall.

Things to Know About Cloud Hosting Service

With the evolutions the hosting services have gone through, we now have a new generation of it named cloud hosting service. The service is definitely cloud computing based as the names suggest, and it works based on the SaaS technology of cloud computing. The data of someone’s websites would be stored across the company’s data centers all across the world, and would be pulled off only when they are needed. When nobody’s visiting the website the files won’t be brought up, and the subscriber won’t be charged a penny as well. The data will remain on drives all over the world so the connections don’t have to travel a long way to bring up the website pages, instead they will show from the nearest data center. Precious data never gets lost, as there are multiple copies as well. Cloud hosting is the future of web hosting technology and it meets all the needs of a modern website.

Cloud Hosting


The first and foremost reason someone might choose cloud hosting services over typical dedicated or shared web hosting might be the flexibility. The services act like breathing, they might just go up or down according to the needs. When there are more visitors to a website, the bandwidth and storage space will be allocated to compensate the traffic load. When the number of traffic goes down or there isn’t any traffic at all, the website won’t be using any of the server resources. In the meantime, this unused resource will be taken up by some other in-use websites. This flexibility ensures every website gets the highest amount of priority every time.

Economic Pricing

For pricing, the cloud hosting service follows the utility billing model. This is almost like the electricity, gas or telephone bill you pay. Unless you use these services, there aren’t any bills. If your website doesn’t get any visitor, which means no usage of any server resource, you will not be charged. The charging starts when the website starts using the cloud hosting servers and the money would keep counting as long as they resources are used. To avail the features a cloud hosting service offers, one would have to sign up for a dedicated hosting account which might charge few thousands of dollars. But with cloud hosting, the same feature comes for a lot less and that too without compromising on service quality.

Saves Time

A cloud hosting account saves time by effectively managing the website traffic loads. The maintenance of servers is naturally to be taken care of by the companies who own the servers, but in dedicated or shared hosting servers if anything goes wrong with the website or the server, the service stays down. In cloud hosting however, there are chances to off load the website to another server. While the maintenance is still on, the website will be available for visiting. This saves the visitors’ times, as well as the owner’s as well. Not just that, the technology guys who would be looking into the error stuff can take their time to figure out the error and solve them.


Cloud hosting is the face of tomorrow’s web hosting technology. To make the most use of your money, consider trying out an account for your website.

HostGator Plans Comparison: Hatchling, Baby & Business

To make sure every type of website hosting needs are fulfilled without spending a single penny of extra money; HostGator has introduced three different types of hosting plans. All three of them offer different specifications and features to fit the requirements. HostGator is a well reputed website hosting service for years and the customer reviews are mostly on the good side. Many web hosting service provide only one generalized hosting plan for all which often takes more money than someone would actually need to spend; HostGator is definitely providing a service unlike them.


However, the HostGator plan names might create confusion among the people, especially the newbies. We are going to describe the HostGator plans in brief.

Pricing Difference

Apart from the features, three different plans cost different amount of money. HostGator offers its users with the flexibility to pay per month or pay for a year, or two and even three! The Hatchling plan starts at $8.95/month. For 12 month subscription, the price is $6.95/month. And for two & three year subscriptions, the price is $5.95 and $4.95 per month, respectively.

The Baby plan is $9.95 for both per month and a year’s plan; for yearly plan the total bill is summed up by multiplying the amount to 12. For 2 & 3 years plan, the price goes down to $8.95 & $7.95 respectively.

The business plan costs $14.95 for 1 month & 1 year plans; and $13.95 & $12.95 respectively for 24 and 36 month plans. You can save almost 30% with Hostgator coupon while purchasing the hosting plan.

As you can see, there’s a noticeable difference in the pricing of the plans.


You get what you pay for. The baby plan allows you to host only one domain under their hosting while the other two plans allow unlimited number of domains. Business plan comes with the highest number of features like unlimited domain, a toll free number for assistance, a dedicate IP & SSL, an anonymous FTP and Chilisoft ASP. All three plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Considerable Facts before Choosing a Plan

  • How many websites do you need? If you require only one website under HostGator hosting then you can sign up for Hatchling plan. Don’t forget to use Hostgator coupon codes. You will have only one domain name and everything else unchanged. If you can wait we will suggest you to wait for the Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 for huge savings. Make sure you want to host only one domain even in future. For long run plans, the Hatchling plan isn’t quite so practical. For personal websites it would do, though. For more than a domain, choose either Baby or the Business plan.
  • Is a toll free number really needed? You can save money by choosing the Baby plan instead of Business if you don’t think you will ever need a toll free number. Even though the number is toll free, HostGator actually makes the money from you. Why should you pay some extra cents for a feature you will never use?
  • Dedicated IP and Private SSL: Private SSL is only required if you need your visitors to provide with secured connection feature. If you host a e-Commerce website or something else that transmits confidential data like password, bank details or other stuff then you would need a private SSL. If you don’t, don’t waste money on it.

Public SSL certificates are shared with all the HostGator SSL certificate owners whilst Private ones are only for you. A dedicated IP address will be required to use a Private SSL Certificate. Using a Private SSL will only make your website more acceptable in case of sensitive data transmission; you might or might not need this feature depending on your website type.

  • Anonymous FTP is Silly

Even though the business plan offers an anonymous FTP, this is a silly feature to pay for. This feature lets any user connect to your account and upload or download your public files. If your website is for file sharing, then you might consider an anonymous FTP. For any other purpose it’s absolutely a waste of money.

HostGator Allows Upgrade

That’s the good news. You might just start up with any plan but if you want to upgrade to a higher plan at a later time, you can do that for free. There’s an upgrade form for the job. You will just need to pay the plan price, nothing else.


Three different plans make it easier for the customers to pick the suitable one. Also the ability to upgrade provides great convenience. Study the plans and consider your budget then go ahead with the suitable HostGator plan, they won’t disappoint you!

BlueHost vs. Godaddy Webhosting

This is a very common question which is asked by most of the people who are willing to avail a webhosting service that which of the Webhosting Company is better? BlueHost or Godaddy? Actually the answer is hidden within the question itself and totally depends upon the type of the service which user wants. BlueHost provide some of the features which are better than Godaddy while on the other hand Godaddy have some services which can beat the BlueHost when compared.

Bluehost review

Bluehost review

Although people are aware of both of the webhosting services because of their popularity and advertisement but that does not mean that they know each and every thing related to them. So let us compare and have a look at the services provided by both the companies to find out which one is better.


The single plan that is being offered by BlueHost contains almost all the features as well as the functionalities that one requires read Bluehost review from HostingDecisions. But on the other hand when we look at the plans offered by Godaddy, they are restricted. Single email, 1 GB database space, only 5 pages etc. are the things that make it more or less impractical for quite lot of sites. In case you want to use more features, you would have to upgrade to the premium account which is really not cost effective. All these features can be used by the user under BlueHost totally free of cost and without any kind of restrictions.


If you do not want to spend a lot of money and need a service which fits under your Budget, BlueHost is best for you. The plan starts at $3.95 per month. When we see the deluxe plans of Godaddy, it starts at $5.19 per month which is near to 24% more expensive than BlueHost plans.

Customer Support and Service

When we look at the review of various customers that have been using the service of these companies, BlueHost has a really nice reputation as well as it is trusted by a millions of users all over the world. But we can see a lot of negative review about Godaddy on the internet. About 99.6% of the total users of BlueHost praised their service as well as the customer care service provided by them, but Godaddy has not been able to maintain that much customer satisfaction percentage and lies way back when compared to BlueHost.


BlueHost is a very old web hosting organization that has been providing it service for more than 16 years and also owns three data centers with 20 million dollars invested. The company is also really reliable with affordable price value, excellent performance features and good customer support.

Godaddy is defeated by BlueHost in almost all the fields starting from  reliability and performance, has costlier data service plans and has received negative review too from a lot of customers.


It is obvious from the above points that BlueHost is a lot better than Godaddy in each and every aspect and we will recommend you to go with BlueHost rather than Godaddy if you wish to have a lot of excellent features at a very less price.

How to Create a Successful Website

No doubt, there are millions of websites in internet world. Creating a website is not a big deal but making it renowned is a real headache. There are hundreds of things that you should put into consideration while synchronizing the contents on your websites. Besides that, the webhosting company that you choose plays a vital role to make your website successful.

Young businessman on his laptop with headache for the excessive work and the late hours. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Be Specific about the Website that You’ll Be Doing

Before starting all your work, sit in a corner and think very carefully about what actually you want to do in your website. Do you want to create a new website on health niche or travel niche; or is it something different? Make sure to choose a theme that you are confident on. Only then, you’ll be able to write and expose genuine content in your website. Therefore, always be specific about what you’ll do in your website.

Brainstorm All the Possible Plans for Your Website

Creating a great, successful website is not a piece of cake. It requires a thorough plan, content material and patience to create a great website. Choosing a good webhosting company means more security, more bandwidth and more domains. Therefore, give special attention while choosing a webhosting company.

Great Website Deserves A Great Design

Blogging tools and Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Geocities and more help you to create great designs for your website. A CMS system consists of a number of tools that help you design your website in the you want. They provide you full control over all the elements that you want to put in your website. Make sure to master the basics: human eye automatically looks to the top-left corner of the screen at first. So, put the most important information on the top-left corner than anywhere else. Similarly, don’t put fancy-colored fonts. Make use of contrasting colors like black in white to write content of the website. Use of non-contrasting colors makes it very difficult to go through the content material.

Rather than a fancy website with rubbish information, a good/fair looking website with quality information gets more views and positive reviews. That’s why, it’s better if you opt for an elegant website with rich, quality information. Besides that, they let you define your web address. They will check the web address you suggested against all the registered web address on the internet and let you know if it is valid or not.

Remember Web Surfers Come to Your Website for Information

Unless it’s an accident, almost no one comes to your website for no reason. Give them a reason to come to your website. What’s so important in your website? What are the peculiar things on your website? Always give special attention on originality and creativity on your website. No person visits your website to see advertisements. So, lessen the advertisements on your website and fill the empty spaces with information, information and again, more information!

Therefore, follow these steps to create a successful website that has thousands of traffic every day. Good luck!

Things to Know When Starting a Web Hosting Business

Website host is the core technical base of a website. It is basically the space which is sold by some companies, as a standalone business. Many companies use own data centers for their web sites, however that’s a very costly setup and most online businesses will not want to do that. The web hosting business is currently in the trend, hence there are a lot of opportunities if someone wants to get their hands on this industry. However, precision and ability to take risks is something very necessary to thrive, not just here but in any business. We have drawn an outline of knowledge required to start a web hosting business.

Hosting Business

Know the Goal of Your Company

There are many web hosting companies already conducting their business. Chances are, if you start now you will go unnoticed because your potential customers have better options. Rather than trying to cover all possible business ventures, focus on one specific target and proceed that way. Look for the demands in the region you live. Maybe, reseller hosting services are creating hype at the place you live – so you could start that business with attractive reselling rates.

Find the Customer Base

There may be ever growing demand for a certain type of web hosting service in your region. If that is the case, you could have a huge number of potential customers lined up even before you start your business. Looking out for the appropriate customer base is another homework that should be done beforehand.

Is the Hosting Business a Sidekick?

Many IT related professionals choose web hosting as a sidekick to their actual business. For example, computer programmers can set up some software and along with a website; may sell them. Or, they may just set up a platform that requires a web space as well. Graphics designers can sell web hosting servers along with website designing offers. These are just examples of how a business can be extended to various different spheres with higher possibility of making money. For people who are already involved in such professions, a web hosting business may bring them a fortune.

Required Server Types

The required types of server would vary on the customer demands. To begin from the scratch is very difficult and requires more investment. If you think you can set up data centers in the world’s hotspots, hire employees in a global scale, operate your business worldwide and of course maintain all your infrastructures, then you may go for a web hosting company from the scratch.

For everyone else, the Reseller Hosting business is popular now. VPS Hosting can also be sold in parts like we have mentioned above; especially by the people involved in other technical professions. Set an initial goal of 250 customers to begin with. For the first 250 – buy a reseller hosting account and sell your accounts to them. If you can make it beyond 250 customers, then buy your first dedicated server and sell VPS hosting plans. Expand the business this way and gradually invest more money into bigger infrastructures.


In today’s world, without effective marketing no business will ever thrive. Opt for high end marketing plans. Hire professional marketing people if you are serious about the business. Introducing a new company to the customer base takes one little push – at the right time and place. Offer hosting coupons through affiliate marketers for easy marketing.


Provided everything mentioned here done right, starting of a web hosting business will not be difficult. For the first few years, utmost dedication will be required. Later on, the company will generate every single motivation it needs on its own.

DreamHost Review & Discount Coupons

DreamHost hosting service has been a popular hosting service for decades! Even though the company has faced a bit of decline over the few past years due to the inception of many more hosting companies, you can’t still put DreamHost off the list. The service they provide is so solid and trustworthy that many new hosting services might not be able to provide now. The intuitive control panel, easy to install plugins, highly satisfactory uptime and their customer service indeed has made a long lasting good impression on my mind. After years of experience, the advanced users can easily make a choice to shift over to other hosting service but beginners want to stick to something very basic, easy yet full of advanced features. That’s where DreamHost aces.

Money Refund Policy

Now you get more out of your money’s worth. While the most other hosting services are just happy to provide 30 days money refund guarantee, DreamHost has taken the tradition little further. With DreamHost you get a 97-days money back guarantee and if things don’t go out well with your subscription, you can pull it off along with your money. DreamHost will not force you to stick to them but most probably you will stay by yourself after you try their service out. If you would like to stay then that is a great decision! For even more inexpensive solutions, there are DreamHost coupon codes available through various promotions which could get you up to 97% of discounts. You can get those Dreamhost Coupons.


Upon signing up for a DreamHost account, you will get 50 GB backup space to keep your resources. Your content is safe over the World Wide Web as DreamHost provides strict policies and technical infrastructures to keep intruders away from stealing your valuable contents. However, if your website is visited too many times and your contents are required to be drawn from the DreamHost servers to the visitors’ web browser every single time causing a slow service to the other users, DreamHost reserves the right to ask you purchase a dedicated server.

If you need to provide FTP for your website, you can do that with DreamHost hosting service through .htaccess. And the disk space and bandwidth are unlimited!

Technical Support

DreamHost has a helpful technical assistance department and they will reach out to you when you encounter any technical or basic problem. However, the helpline hotline is only for the US residents. Anyone purchasing a DreamHost support from outside USA would not be able to avail the free hotline support. Even though the server downtime won’t ever become an issue but in case you need support regarding anything else, you have to rely on the email support.

However, they are pretty helpful over email with your domain name. You will get proper answer to your query and assisted every way possible.

DreamHost Coupons

DreamHost distribute free DreamHost coupon codes for their promotion, as well as reduced price service offering. Look up for websites that offer DreamHost coupons. You can redeem these codes in the billing page, by typing them into the ‘Promo Code’ field. You could be lucky enough to avail attractive discounts!


For beginners and small enterprise owners, the DreamHost web hosting service is just perfect!